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Today's Games (Friday, May 22)

7:30 PMCoach's Sports Bar729 Garden of the Gods Rd
   > Up to $50 for First Place patron

Sign-up at least 30 minutes prior to the game for 500 extra chips!

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We have a new Facebook Page. Please LIKE the page. It is being updated daily with times and locations of the games for the day. We will have occasional posts that you can comment on for extra chips at select games, so make sure you LIKE the page to get your chance at those chips.
Monte Carlo
Just a friendly reminder about Monte Carlo chips. Each game (and each table) will award 500 extra chips to the first straight, first flush, and first full house that is played all the way through the river and wins the pot. If you bet the river and everyone folds, you do not get the extra chips. Quads or better (played and won all the way through the river) gets an extra 1000 chips and points.
Secret Bounty
With a new tour, comes a new way to earn some points and extra chips. While we no longer have Dealer Bounty points and chips, we now have a Secret Bounty on every table. Your dealer will randomly select one seat before the players are seated. No one else will know who is the bounty. That seat will have a bounty on the player who sits there. Whoever takes them out of the game will get 1000 chips and 300 points. So now instead of gunning to get our dealers out of the game, you need to be gunning to get everyone out of the game. Good Luck!
New Night for Claire's!
Join us at Claire's every Sunday, Tuesday (new night) and Wednesday evening. Sunday's game starts at 6:00 pm, Tuesday at 7:00 pm and Wednesday at 7:00 pm. $25 cash for first place will be awarded every game that has 15 or more players! Come join your dealers for this new venue.
Want extra chips?
Here is your chance to get a head start on extra chips. Besides our Coach's/Robin Hood chips we have been doing for a while, we now are going to offer extra chips for Coach's and Claire's. So if you play at Coach's on Saturday night, you will get extra chips if you play at Claire's Sunday night. If you play Claire's Sunday night, you get extra chips if you play there again on Tuesday night. And of course, if you play there Tuesday night, you get extra chips for playing again on Wednesday night!

Tour 37 Finals - Final Table

Tour 37 Final Table


Royal Flush Jackpot

To be paid, a Royal Flush can be won in ANY Flying Aces game! Both of your hole cards must play and you can bet after the river and still win if they other player(s) fold. If Tazer deals his next Royal Flush, it's worth DOUBLE the Pot! GOOD LUCK!

Current Jackpot: $26.70 Royal Flush Poker Hand Jackpot
Recent Winners
05/14/15 Smitty $30.50
04/05/15 John A $27.60
03/21/15 Lenny $26.20
03/14/15 Larry W $28.00
02/28/15 Jay $37.50
Each event increases the total jackpot by $0.10

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"Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he's losing; nobody wants you to quit when you're ahead."

- Jackie Robinson